A poem just for me

Christopher, aged about 5, illustrates this poem for us

This poem is dedicated to my special friends in Belgium who are so very dear to me. Thank you for the wonderful times we have shared - I look forward to sharing many more together in various forms.

A poem just for me
Taken from ‘All the Best, the selected poems of Roger Mcgough’

Where am I now when I need me
Suddenly where have I gone
I’m so alone here without me
Tell me please what have I done

Once I did most things together
I went for walks hand in hand
I shared my life so completely
I met my every demand

Tell me I’ll come back tomorrow
I’ll keep my arms open wide
Tell me that I’ll never leave
My place is here at my side

Maybe I’ve simply mislaid me
Like an umbrella or a key
So until the day that I come my way
Here is a poem just for me

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